Jani J Szentkiralyi: announces solo career and the departure from Mobilmania.

Jani J Szentkiralyi
Jani J Szentkiralyi has unexpectedly left the band Mobilmania. Jani has, in the past few months, been working on solo material, with the world renowned  drummer Atma Anur . Mobilmania are to play at the MetalWar Open Air festival in September as part of their 5th anniversary concert, but it looks like that Jani will not be part of the show. 

This is the first song from the upcoming EP and CD !
Jani J. Szentkiralyi - Guitars
Atma Anur - Drums
Liviu Sorescu - Keys
Lőrincz Viktor - Bass

Jani J. Szentkiralyi - Atma Anur - Canon Rock - 2013