Marcus Jidell: Pictures From A Time Traveller

Marcus Jidell: Pictures From A Time Traveller
“Pictures From A Time Traveller”, the incredible debut instrumental album from Evergrey guitar-master Marcus Jidell features 7 tracks of outstanding, diverse and top shelf virtuoso guitar excellence and gets its digital release today (16th August) via Lion Music.

Marcus Jidell is one of the most respected metal guitarists to have come out of Sweden since Yngwie Malmsteen. With a guitar style that has won him universal acclaim, Marcus is a current member of one of Sweden’s biggest and hardest touring metal acts Evergrey, and previously has worked with prog-metallers Royal Hunt.

Marcus has a very personalised sound, extremely heavy at one end, yet extremely melodic at the other, all the time with a superb feel for phrasing and originality of song craft, and its these traits which are evident throughout “Pictures From A Time Traveller”. On the album Marcus comments, “I wanted to make an instrumental album that was more then just shred. I wanted to make compositions that were interesting to listen to even if you're not a guitar player. In short, I wanted to write good music with electric instruments that didn't sound like anything I heard before”.

Whilst there is no doubt this is a guitar album, “Pictures From A Time Traveller” has its own unique voice boasting incredible utilisation of dynamics and a variety of styles all of which paint a vast number of picture in the listeners mind.

Joining Marcus for the album is a stellar cast of backing musicians including his fellow Evergrey band mates Hannes Van Dahl and Johan Niemann, Royal Hunt keyboardist Andre Andersen and bassist Svante Henrysson (ex Yngwie Malmsteen) who played some cello parts amongst other contributors.

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