News: Truth In Shredding reiterates it's policy on creativity with a change in video posting

I'm often asked to review and listen to excellent videos on YouTube that are cover versions* of classic rock, metal, tunes. The players soloing are for the most part excellent. However, have been looking at reducing the number of video posts on Truth In Shredding that don't further an individual's creativity, merely highlight a level of capability. To that end I thought I would let you know how I am going to be looking to pick videos for Truth In Shredding:

1 Newsworthy - live performance / interview / music jam sessions / performance playthrough
2 Original Composition
3 Improvisation
4 Good quality guitar tuition
5 Promotion videos for new albums / gear
6 Videos that I have a personal attachment too.
There are good reasons why I would like to avoid cover videos, these include issues related copyright and how YouTube handles that (where sound gets disabled somewhere in the world). Also I know that music companies are looking for players with original qualities, composition skills, technical skill, and good communication skills.  
I will also only be posting videos that are hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, but not Facebook.