Annie Grunwald: Seymour Duncan- Blackouts

Annie ShredJust noticed Seymour Seymour Duncan shared my video on their page!!
So honored

Guys! Please leave comments on how I can better make these demonstration videos -Is this helpful to people deciding on pickups, and is there anything I could add?
A demo video showcasing Seymour Duncan Blackouts and a preview of some riffs off the upcoming Formless album. I'll be making a lot more demo videos so make sure you subscribe :)

Side Note: I eliminated the middle pickup and now I have a 3-way switch so I can blend the neck and the bridge pickups. (I don't use the middle pickup at all anyway and I would've had to do surgery on my ibanez body to make it fit as it's very thin haha)

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Seymour Duncan- Blackouts Demo - Annie Grunwald

Annie Grunwald Mayones/Seymour Duncan Solo #MayonesDuncan