David Maxim Micic: Bilo 3.0 - to feature the return of Aleksandra Djelmash and Aleksandra Radosavljevic

David Maxim Micic

Recording some cool instruments for Bilo 3.0!!

The instrument that I'm playing on this picture is called Kalimba and there's a really lovely story behind it.
Few days before I went to Poland I was looking all over the web for some Kalimba samples/VSTs and I found some cool stuff which I used for the track I was working on at the time. When I came back from Poland Aleksandra Djelmash came for a visit and she brought me some gifts from vacation. One of the gifts was Kalimba!! Amazing thing was that she had no idea that I was looking for that instrument few weeks back. Now, creepy fact was that it was tuned to Ab Lydian, the tonality that I needed for the song I was working on.

Stay fabulous!
Love — with Aleksandra Djelmash.

David Maxim Micic

Recording vocals for "Bilo 3.0" with some random girl I just met today!! She seems to be nice
Aleksandra Radosavljevic