Gavin Harrison,05Ric: The Man Who Sold Himself Tour 2013

The Man Who Sold Himself Tour 2013
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12.11.2013 FR-Marcq en Baroeul, Jazz en Nord at Charcot Theater NEW!!!
13.11.2013 DE-Hamburg, Logo
14.11.2013 DE-Berlin, Crystal
18.11.2013 CZ-Ostrava, Klub Parnik
20.11.2013 DE-N√ľrnberg, Hirsch
21.11.2013 CH-Aarburg, Moonwalker
03.12.2013 DE-Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
04.12.2013 DE-Cologne, Underground
06.12.2013 NL-Amsterdam, Paradiso

05Ric Recording Diary Feb 10 2013 (Klein-Crimson-Lollar bass/guitar)

05Ric Recording diary 26-27-29-12-12 & 06-01-13 (Klein-Crimson-Lollar bass/guitar)

Available as a 2 disc cd/dvdv set, The Man Who Sold Himself is the third collaborative outing from Porcupine Tree's Gavin Harrison and Canadian multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter 05Ric. 

Best known for his work with Porcupine Tree, Gavin has also played with King Crimson and played sessions for many other artists, but Gavin has stated that his work on The Man Who Sold Himself contains, 'Some of the wildest rhythmic concepts that I have ever conjured and 05Ric has snaked his bass around.' 

05Ric goes on to explain that lyrically the album deals with themes, ?Based on the greed of the financial global crisis, the empty shallowness of goal seeking without passion or for its own sake and the destructive force left behind by selfish behaviour. The central character through heightened awareness and right action discovers his true calling.? 

Both lyrically and musically, The Man Who Sold Himself pushes this unique collaboration's possibilities even further out than before.