Greg Howe: Maragold - Magic Pain Tour Europe 2014

Maragold featuring Greg Howe
Magic Pain Tour 2014
26.03.2014 NL-Maastricht, ECI Cultuurfabriek  NEW!!!
27.03.2014 NL-Zoetermeer, Boerderij  NEW!!!
28.03.2014 DE-Oldenburg, Cadillac  NEW!!!
30.03.2014 DE-Karlsruhe, Jubez  NEW!!!
31.03.2014 DE-Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal  NEW!!!
01.04.2014 DE-Unna, Kühlschiff  NEW!!!
03.04.2014 DE-Hamburg, Rock Café  NEW!!!
04.04.2014 DE-Isernhagen, Blues Garage  NEW!!!
05.04.2014 DE-Schwerin, Speicher  NEW!!!
07.04.2014 PL-Krakow, Lizard King Club  NEW!!!
11.04.2014 DE-Nürnberg, Rockfabrik  NEW!!!
12.04.2014 AT-Hard, Kammgarn  NEW!!!

Interview with the Examiner
I was playing out on the scene in the northeastern part of the country. Musically, there’s a lot going on there. Kevin [Vecchione] was also playing in the area and he and I became friends. Sometimes, I’d sit in with his band when they’d be playing, or he’d sometimes play with me a few times in bands that I was performing in. 
One day, he called and asked me how I’d feel about changing my life and doing something completely different. He told me about the project and I was immediately on board. Greg is such an incredible musician and Kevin is one of my favorite people on the planet. It was an easy decision to make.
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