News: Custom 3D Guitar Lessons with Groupon

Custom 3D Guitar Lessons with Groupon
PHOENIX, AZ  SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 – Finding time to practice guitar is challenging.  Finding a teacher to work within your schedule can be difficult.  Finding the funds to cover these goals can be taxing. iPerform3D believes they have created a solution to these problems.  iPerform3D has teamed up with Groupon to offer their new custom 3D guitar lessons online. By allowing the student to customize their lesson plan, iPerform3D strives to help students achieve their goals at a much faster pace and by working with Groupon, the lessons are offered at a discounted rate for a limited time over the next three months.  The iPerform3D Groupon deal is available at 
All lessons and content are available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week providing users the freedom to study, practice and learn at their convenience, wherever they may be.  Each lesson plan walks the student through the learning objective of the lesson, performance notes and how to set up your gear for the right tone.  The new program combines motion capture animation, gaming technology, top shelf guitar instructors and guitar lessons for all skill levels.
iPerform3D utilizes their patented MoCap360 motion capture technology, similar to what is used to develop high end games and the latest in cinematic technology.  They take it one step further by incorporating 360 degree capture to not only provide lessons in digital 3D but also allow the user to view the lesson from any angle.  The students can literally zoom in underneath the picking hand and slow the motion capture down to see exactly how the instructor is playing the piece of music.  Or, to help the student better understand the positioning of the fretting hand, the viewer can angle in for a bird’s eye view as if they were right there, looking over the teachers shoulder.  With the full 3D capture, users can now fully understand the approach, the technique and the method to playing any style of music on the guitar.  Viewers can even zoom in from the back and look directly through the guitar leaving no stone unturned.  iPerform3D achieves full performance capture by utilizing nearly 100 motion sensors and cameras inside their own state of the art motion capture and sound stage studio.
The streaming guitar lessons featured on the site include mastering basic skills like strumming, fretting and picking that progress into teaching students how to play their favorite hit songs.  If a student already has the basics under control, they can chooses from hundreds of lessons on building and playing different guitar riffs, styles, rhythms and solos.  Included with the extensive collection of lessons is a library of backing tracks in a variety of styles to help further propel the students into mastering their newly learned skills.  Because all of the files are fully digital, the photorealistic imaging maintains its high resolution and the audio stays in pitch regardless of the tempo it is played.
To complement the new learning platform, iPerform3D sought out the best in guitar education.  Leading the way and creating the educational part of the program is Steve Trovato.  Trovato is a first call session player in Los Angeles and jazz instructor at the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music.  His guitar playing can be heard on thousands of commercials, movies and recordings around the world.  Tariq Akoni tours the world with acts such as Christina Aguilera, Josh Groban, Elton John, Joss Stone and Alicia Keys.  When not on the road, he heads the department of guitar studies at the Los Angeles Music Academy. Alongside them, you will also find tutorials from other real working guitarists and instructors like Barbara Leoni, Terry Carter, Andy Abad and Jaco Caraco. 
The company was founded by a group of musicians and technologists from diverse backgrounds who set out to change the way learning was achieved.  Agreeing that a great teacher is still the best route, they set out to overcome the problems with finding one: time, money, availability, resources and skill level.  They created an avatar instructor that provided students all the benefits of a first class instructor and eliminated the inconveniences associated with real one on one instruction.  The avatar instructor now is available anytime the students wants; their terms, their schedule, and instructs the material they want to learn at a fraction of the price of an actual lesson.  Aspiring students can now learns the styles of John Mayer, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton and much more without the inconsistencies and road blocks of videos, DVD’s, TAB and music notation.
Launched in 2008, Groupon is an online website offering deals and promotions for product and services.  With headquarters in Chicago, they have over 10,000 employees worldwide.  They strive to offer more than just a great price.  Great products are also a priority and only offer products, services and pricing that they would want to buy.  
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About iPerform3D
iPerform3D is a small, passionate company founded by musicians and technologists from diverse backgrounds.  Our mission is far from complete, but we’re very excited about the thousands of guitarists who will successfully learn guitar using our patented MoCap360 technology. In the words of one of our users, “This is the best guitar learning tool of the 21st century.”  We encourage you to give iPerform3D a try, and we hope you enjoy similar success. We also hope that no matter how good you get, you’ll keep aspiring to get better, to learn more, and to write your own tunes.

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