Richie Allan: Heavy Metal Ninjas - Interstellar Abduction - ALERT - Killer guitar player!

Richie Allan: Heavy Metal Ninjas - Interstellar Abduction
Heavy Metal Ninjas to release new album 'Interstellar Abduction'

The five-man, ten-legged Heavy Metal Ninjas collective return with their highly anticipated new album Interstellar Abduction, due out on October 11th.

"This album to me is more about finding my inner self, as a composer, a guitar player and a person. Discovering all these things has opened my mind to a new plane for writing my next album," says guitarist and frontman, Richie Allan.

Led by guitar virtuoso, Ibanez-endorsed Richie Allan, the band's line-up is also augmented by fellow Ibanez-endorsed guitarist, Brandon Reihana (ex Blindspott and New Way Home), Kora brothers, Stu and Fran Kora on guitar and bass respectively, and Joe Brownless on drums.

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Richie Allan: Heavy Metal Ninjas 

Richie Allan is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Kudos to Steve Boag for letting me know about this awesome new album. You can pre order album to get "Design" now

This is the single from up and coming Album "Interstellar Abduction" coming soon via Warner Music New Zealand.  Heavy Metal Ninjas - Design

Heavy Metal Ninjas - Design

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Richie Allan - The Author Play Through - Axe FX Ultra