Alessandro Benvenuti,Lorenzo Feliciati,Armando Croce: Sonic Flyers - Tell Me by Chad Wackerman ...

Hello musicoffili and YouTubers, we are pleased to present to you today an amazing video of live music directly made ​​by our staff, whose protagonist is a supergroup made ​​up of three Italian musicians d ' exception, the Sonic Flyers Lorenzo Feliciati (Bass), Alessandro Benvenuti (Guitar) and Armando Cross (Drums).
The song "Tell Me", whose original version is Chad Wackerman, drummer with jazz-fusion illustrious past in tow Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth and other large, and is taken from his album "Forty Reasons" in 1991.
Flyers Sonic remind us all over the groove of the track run "live in studio" really exciting that our cameras have had the pleasure to take in the details.

Sonic Flyers - Tell Me (Chad Wackerman)