Anouck André: Toontrack- Metal Guitar God 2013

My entry for this cool contest ! Thanks Toontrack & Periphery for this opportunity. :)

My Guitar is a Lâg Collector (Made in France, Bédarieux)

Toontrack- Metal Guitar God 2013- Periphery Erised solo : Anouck André

My little test of the Tc Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Mini. This little box is incredible and the bank of existing TonePrints is awesome ! You can find anything you want , from clean reverbs to strange ones. The Toneprint Editor is very cool too and the possibilities are unlimited.
I hope you'll like , I tried my best to give you a complete view of what you can obtain from this pedal.
The Guitar is a Lâg Jet Collector (Made in France, Bédarieux)

TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb : My favorite TonePrints