Cheryl Pyle: memory of you

Cheryl Pyle:
on this dec 25 its a day for remembering. i am thinking of my mother- one of my last visits to her, i found a little stack of my art work from the 1960's and brought it back to nyc with me. i was planning on studying art in college, but as you see, music has taken me over . i have many memories of that time when i first started playing music , exploring life, and holidays with my mom and dad in my early years.

i wrote this tune this summer for the new cd INSIDE DIALOGUE , in memory perhaps of the girl i was so many years ago and for so many music friends we lost this year.
today is my 6 month anniversary from the cancer surgery, and i am very greatful to be here, still playing flute and able to say merry yule to all -peace love and music to all of you who continue to listen and support my musical journey.
jazz/metal grtz rhsc nyc

memory of you -cheryl pyle -flute & piano - inside dialogue 2011