Drayen Labie: more Holdsworthian Chrodal stylings

Hi everyone,
Here's a more precise demo of the Yamaha UD stomp for those would be interested by this unit.
I just used clean or overdrived tones from my Brunetti Star T Rack amp. (No external effects).
Some of the patches were programmed by Allan Holdsworth himself (the first 33 patches to be precise).
It's difficult to find this unit but it's worth the hassle. All the sounds are great.
00:00 Reverb 1 patch 611
00:48 Chorus 2 Holdsworth patch 012
01:51 Volume Pedal Fx 2 Holdsworth patch 222
03:42 Stereo Multi-delay patch 411
04:45 Stereo Enhanced Lead Solo 7 Holdsworth patch 211
05:32 Stereo Enhanced Lead Solo 9 Holdsworth patch 213

Thanks for watching.

Drayen Labie. www.drayen.com

Demo Yamaha UD Stomp