Eric Calderone: Spiderman Meets Metal

Spiderman Meets Metal
Hey guys, So a couple things on this one haha. Number one is it is October and my favorite holiday is drawing near so I figured I'd get a head start. Number 2 I've been wanting to do the Spiderman themes for a long time and lately have been seeing it commented and requested a ton so thank you guys for giving me a kick in the ass. And finally just to nerd out, I wish I was Spiderman haha. Thank you guys so much for everything. Big ups for all the comments, suggestions, subs, messages, donations, fan art, and support. You guys are the best in the world. Makes my spidey sense tingle haha. You rock my casbah ALWAYS. Best to ya E Patreon: Facebook: MP3 and Tab Books: Itunes: Cdbaby: T