Guthrie Govan: Guitar player interview - The new music may be even more difficult to categorize

Did you approach Culture Clash differently than the debut album?

Yes. It was definitely a different process, mostly because we learned so much when we did the first record. Initially, we didn’t really know each other that well, either personally or musically. We’d done one gig together and it felt so right that we wanted to explore the energy we had between us a little further—but when we went to record we really didn’t know what to expect. This time we felt comfortable stretching out more stylistically, because we were confident that the music would still be identifiable as us no matter how extreme we were, just given the chemistry we have and the interactive aspect of the performances. The new music may be even more difficult to categorize, but we aren’t going to lose any sleep over that. Also, this time we had a better idea of how to set everything up in the studio so we could get good isolation while at the same time maintaining a lot of eye contact, because we function best when we can see each other as clearly as we can hear each other

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