Alexander Davis: Allan Holdsworth Style Improv Jam

Just having a little jam trying to be somewhat in the style of one of my favorite guitarists ever Allan Holdsworth, some nasty notes and sloppyness appear but I find it hard not to when I know I'm recording something. Using a couple of presets I found on the Axe-Change site, Holdsy Clean, and Holdsy Lead. Both sound amazing and am very grateful for them.

Using Ephiphone Les Paul with Dimarzio D-Activator neck pickup put into the bridge position, going direct into AXE FX II and through USB into PC then into Audacity, no post production/mixing at all.

Recorded Using ZOOM Q3 HD in 720p mode

Sorry forgot to cut off the video after I stoped playing.

Allan Holdsworth Style Improv Jam - AXE FX II