Bill Vencil: Chords of Orion - Line of Despair - Carvin HF2 Holdsworth Fatboy

Chords of Orion – the musical project of Bill Vencil, a musician located in the northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The focus is ambient/post-rock/progressive rock music played on electric and acoustic guitars.

The latest chords of orion album is “Line of Despair”. You can download it for “name your price”, starting at FREE. Check out the music using the player below and then go get it.

Bill Vencil: chords of orion - Line of Despair

1. line of despair 08:40
2. groaning in travail 06:11
3. rise of the blue moon 07:58
4. fog in the fort 04:58
5. sidereal 11:04
6. willow 05:49
7. enchanted evening 08:12
8. wash away the world 08:11

Carvin HF2 Holdsworth Fatboy - the ancient ones song idea