Bruce Bouillet: to get a Mascot Label Group for his latest album

Bruce Bouillet will release his third instrumental album, "The Order Of Control", on January 21, 2014 via Mascot Label Group's Music Theories imprint.

"The Order Of Control" is a concept album. Its theme deals with a force intermixed throughout humanity that manipulates the masses. In choosing titles, everything relates to the theme. Bouillet advises, "Sometimes you have to read into it and research." With the opening track, "Blind As We Watched", it makes reference to events that happen around us, right in front of our eyes but invisible to our sight. With "Seeing Through", these days information travels at an ever increasing pace. This title is in reference to disinformation or seeing through disinformation. What better way to spread confusion to the masses, then by adding one sentence of truth in a paragraph of lies, and letting the social networks do the work for you by spreading it around." A third track titled "The Manipulators" references "those that possess the power to remote view, communicate with telepathy, orchestrate street theater, read minds, and place thoughts. They are well trained and organized. They stalk individuals in groups, and use such things as schizophrenia as a weapon to destroy people. It is the perfect crime manipulating one into self destruction."