Clay Withrow,Jay Gleason: Vangough's Between the Madness Is Out Today

Vangough's Between the Madness Is Out Today
"The new release is of stellar yet epic proportions" - Sarjoo Devani,

"Vangough has been eating their Wheaties.  Make sure your seatbelts are securely fastened" - Frank Serafine,

“melodic cocaine for your ears.”
“The new album is a caustic and vicious spiral into the depths of human frailty… raw and naked.”
"Between The Madness, with its disturbing lyrics and intriguing music, will be a challenging and entertaining listen for the prog metal fan: it’s pure Vangough!" - Craig Hartranft

LOS ANGELES, CA NOVEMBER 12, 2013 –Vangough’s Between the Madness, hit shelves today. The album is the band’s third studio effort and follow-up to the critically acclaimed Kingdom of Ruin released in 2011. Spread across twelve songs and topping out over 70 minutes of harsh textures and exotic flavors, the band hopes fans will find this the most important release of the band's career.
Coming off the heels of the band’s sophomore CD, returning members Clay Withrow and Jeren Martin united with newcomer Kyle Haws on drums to begin work on the successor. They entered Bell Labs in the summer of 2012 to record drums with engineer Sterling Winfield before returning to Clay's private studio where they worked away for the next several months.

Featuring a darker, more unified sound, this album is a spiral into the depths of human frailty. With tracks like "Infestation" and "Thy Flesh Consumed" pushing the boundaries of Vangough's tempestuous new approach to metal, Between the Madness is a contrast to the previous albums. It stands as a bold statement to where the band is heading, as well as a thought-provoking reflection on where they have been. With a greater emphasis on collaboration from band mates Jeren and Kyle, Vangough are able to craft an even more distinctive style that focuses more on groove and feeling.

Produced by guitarist/vocalist Clay Withrow, Between the Madness was an intentional move to mature the band's sound, both vocally and with the song's arrangements, into something that stood out among progressive metal releases. "I find that I don't listen to much music in our particular genre," explains Clay. "With that in mind, I wanted to make something that had its own unique flavor- apart from everything else that has come before us."
With the release of their third album, Vangough steps out of the shadows of their influences and delivers something emotionally outstanding and heartfelt: A lyrically poignant collection of songs that bravely pushes the band into an unexplored minefield of musicality. "Between the Madness is the most collaborative Vangough album to date," says Clay. "It took two albums to really mine the depths of what we could achieve and where we wanted to be musically but the end result is extremely cathartic."

"Fans will be able to order Between the Madness from most online retailers such as Amazon, CDBaby and iTunes in a variety of formats including a 6-panel Digipak, which features the iconic eyeflower artwork from Rainer Kalwitz or as a 24-bit digital download."
Who to blame for this madness…

Kyle Haws – Drums, percussion
Jeren Martin – Bass
Clay Withrow – Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Also starring:
Jay Gleason – Lead Guitars
Justus Johnston – Violins
Jose Palacios – Cellos

Produced by Clay Withrow
Mixed by Sterling Winfield at Boot Hill Studio
Mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios
Drums engineered by Sterling Winfield at Bell Labs
Guitars, vocals, bass and keyboards recorded at The Queen’s Nest
Guitars engineered by Cameron Conyer, Jeren Martin and Clay Withrow
Vocals, keyboards and bass engineered by Clay Withrow

Artwork by Rainer Kalwitz
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