Davide Tiso,Marco Minnemann,Bryan Beller: Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness CD release dates

Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness
Agonia Records
26 November 2013

***European release date = November 19th / North American release date = November 26th***

Ignited by commitment and passion, "Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness" is a multi-layered hybrid of death metal, jazz and post rock: a career defining statement from a band never bounded by rules. With intuition set as the only significant parameter, Ephel Duath takes their uncompromising will to experiment to a whole new level of intensity.

“Ephel Duath exists in its own realm as ever, uprooting expectations just as its logical madness begins to make sense.” - NPR Music

“unsurprisingly, they’ve never sounded so dizzyingly off-kilter, magnificently hypnotic, and massively intimidating.” - MetalSucks.net

Karyn Crisis - vocals
Davide Tiso - guitars
Bryan Beller - bass
Marco Minnemann - drums
Erik Rutan - guest appearance on songs I. and IV.

EPHEL DUATH - Feathers Under My Skin