Joe Marro: Demos and Ideas (From the past and present) free download album

Joe Marro: Demos and Ideas (From the past and present)

Demos and Ideas (From the past and present) Free Download

1. Gateway To The Infinite 01:42
2. Orbs (Part 1) 02:39
3. A Look Over The Horizon (Ambient Guitar) 02:06
4. Wandering Into A Dome-Topped Room02:53
5. Alone (Ambient Guitar Version 2) 02:25
6. The Physics Of The Impossible (2010)04:46
7. Celestial Ghost (Paradyme Version 2010) 05:58 

This is a small collection of demos and unfinished ideas I'm giving to all you great people for free! there's a few demos off my Soundcloud, the original "Physics" single, remastered ambient guitar tracks, and a demo from the Paradyme days. "Celestial Ghost" was written in 2007 but this version was recorded with and performed by Paradyme in early 2010.

I hope you all can enjoy this collection. Please be patient for the official, finished material. For those of you who are downloading this, thank you so much for supporting me :)

All Rights Reserved 2013
released 14 November 2013
These demos/unfinished ideas were composed and arranged by Joe Marro

"Celestial Ghost" written and arranged by Joe Marro (2007). Performed by Greg Wroblweski (Drums), Andy Wroblweski (Guitar, first solo), Derek Schwarzkopf (Bass), John Walsh (Keyboards), Joe Marro (Lead guitar).

"Orbs" Mastered by Damion Hill (E-Mix Online)

Other demo clips have drum samples from Superior 2.0 thanks to Eric Maldonado

"The Physics Of The Impossible" mixed and mastered by Damion Hill (2010), addition keyboards and atmospheres by John Walsh