Matthew Mills: Time Space Journey - the new album

Matthew Mills: Time Space Journey 

Matthew Mills
After three years I have released another Neoclassical Metal album! Matthew Mills Time Space Journey It's features guest solos from Jimi Mitchell on the track All is Forgiven Please go to ITunes or Cdbaby to check it out and buy it Today

This is the new 2013 release of Neoclassical Shred Guitarist Matthew Mills. This album is for fans of Yngwie Malmsteen Joe Stump and Jason Becker

1. Time and the Test 3:02
2. All Is Forgiven 4:21
3. New World 3:59
4. Wind Walker 3:07
5. 2007 Demo 4:11
6. Tribute to the Master 2:58
7. Final Curtain (Live 2010 at Park Rock) 3:51
8. Hope 2:22
9. Run Through 3:44
10. The Neoclassical Shred Guitar Apocalypse 4:19