Nita Strauss: 777 is heavens number - here's 7 facts about Nita that may be you didn't know!

Nita Strauss
I got #7- thanks KK! So here's 7 things about me you may not know...

1: I can quote Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI from memory. (Also Simpsons from season 4 to about 12.)

2: I played my first show with my first death metal band the week I turned 13. (The band was called Overt Display of Anger.)

3: I hate, hate, HATE black jelly beans and woe betide anyone in the room if I accidentally eat one.

4: Clam chowder in a warm sourdough bread bowl is my greatest weakness.

5: The first guitar I bought with my own money was a red BC Rich acrylic platinum warlock. I saved up money from teaching guitar lessons for a year, played the guitar for one show and then sold it.

6: I did rhythmic gymnastics until I was 14 and held national and international titles. I was ranked #11 in the USA when I quit.

7: The number 7 has always been my favorite number.