Russ Parrish: Steel Panther - The New Album - All You Can Eat!! has just reached its goal!

Steel Panther is cookin’ up a tasty buffet of special items and experiences to celebrate the new album All You Can Eat, due out in Spring 2014, for true fans who just can’t f*ckin’ wait that long!

Everything you see here is stuffed with greatness!! By greatness we mean, each and every package listed here comes with a full album download of All You Can Eat the night before it’s official release date in spring 2014 (or perhaps even earlier?!).

Here’s a quick preview of the special exclusives we’ve listed to the right:

FAT GIRL (aka ‘The Pizza + Naked Pictures of Satchel Package’)
Eat pizza and watch videos from the studio or listen to exclusive song previews. Get the VIP laminate that gets you in to crazy sh*t in 2014. Get naked pictures of Satchel! Satchel will also make you a custom voicemail greeting.Do we need to say anything more!? Get it while it’s hot!

RAINBOWS AND WITCHES (aka Rainbow Room Package)
Hop in a limo and cruise down to the Sunset Strip for dinner with the band. We’ll also throw in things like… an autographed Kramer guitar, VIP ticket + Meet & Greet to the show of your choice in 2014, your name included in the Thank Yous on the album & DVD, a signed setlist, a Steel Panther drum head, handwritten lyrics to the song of your choice, custom voicemail greeting and (NOT) a swordfish.

FEEL THE STEEL (aka the Guitar Package)
A ton of killer stuff plus a signed Kramer guitar.

DEATH TO ALL BUT METAL (aka the Black Leather Jacket Package)
Some seriously sweet swag with paired with your very own ‘members-only’ Steel Panther black leather bike jacket (less than 1,200 made worldwide).

and more…

In addition to all of the awesome items and rare experiences, pledgers will also gain exclusive access to a special pre-order ‘updates section’ where we’ll be posting special previews including exclusive lyric previews, song clips & videos from the studio.

Balls out
x Steel Panther