Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead appears on the new single from The Fractured Dimension

The Fractured Dimension

Tom Geldschläger
The Fractured Dimension just released this new single track. I played fretted, fretless and ambient guitars (and will post a playthrough-video of it on the weekend) and mastered it. Jimmy Pitts - keys, Jerry Twyford - bass, Alex Arellano Malca - drums,Bill Bruce - guest guitar solo (middle section). If you like supercrazy technical instrumental metal, you better check this out!

From the minds that brought you Pitts Minnemann Project, as well as the debut of The Fractured Dimension "Towards the Mysterium", comes this exotic-scale-inspired romp through myriad time signatures, tempo changes, controlled chaos, and even the occasional nod to Cacophony and the Kung Fu movie soundtracks of the past. Originally a monstrous drum solo by Alex Arellano Malca (ex-Power of Omens), Gorilla Yin Yang no. 2 came into existence when Jimmy Pitts had the audacious idea to write keyboards to it and create a collaboration inspired by Frank Zappa's The Black Page no. 2. Upon completion, this song has remained unfinished for nearly four years before German guitar virtuoso Fountainhead (Xell, Purpose Effect), guitar hero Bill Bruce (ex-Shotgun Messiah, ex-Hellion, Mark Chapman Band, etc) and former Scholomance bassist Jerry Twyford got ahold of it. Now a complete track featuring an abundance of musical madness, it is presented to the most important element of the equation, the listener. Enjoy getting in touch with your inner Gorilla with this 'xen-struMENTAL' monstrosity!

Additional Notes:

Mixed by Jimmy Pitts at Twist Tone Studio
Mastered by Tom Geldschlager
Artwork by Mirko Stanchev of Illogical Conversions
Gorilla Yin Yang drum solo originally composed, performed, and engineered by Alex Arellano Malca
Gorilla Yin Yang no. 2 additional arrangement and composition by Jimmy Pitts

Guitars by Fountainhead
Ambient nylon/clean guitar solo by Bill Bruce
Bass by Jerry Twyford
Keys by Jimmy Pitts

Thanks to all of our friends, family, and fans who have shown such overwhelming support over the years! Coming soon: Pitts Minnemann Project II