Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead - Stofftier Guitar Playthrough - time to celebrate 3000 likes on Facebook!

Tom Geldschläger

Hell yeah, facebook! 3000 likes for Fountainhead- thank you so much! That means: 2 new guitar videos for ya´ll. Here´s number 1: a full playthrough of "Stofftier" by my band Xell. The song is originally a vocal piece, but for this video I added a whole bunch of crazy stuff to replace the vocals, hope you´ll dig! This is also the first ever glimpse into how my custom 7string-set from Good Tone Pickups is going to sound, since I used the prototype on the rhythm guitar tracks. Also made with my Soultool signature guitar (prototype), Steinberg Cubase 7 and LOXX.
Stofftier Guitar Playthrough