Al Joseph: Exivious Solo Entry - and the great fusion solos keep flowing in!

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A buddy of mine, the awesome "Luca Montovanelli" talked me into making this video. Entering the Exivious "Entrust" solo competitions an honor. I'm just happy to be involved in this project in any way. It's a great track and it inspires me to reach outside my compositional limits as well. I hope you enjoy!

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Al Joseph - Exivious Solo Entry

"My Morning JTC Shed"

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This is a lick from Marco's "Melodic Custom Series". I'm working on catching up with those fusion geniuses out there like Rick Graham, Martin Miller, and Tom Quayle while maintaining that rock edge. Slowly but surely. What can I say, had to get my hands on this one and shed it out for sure!

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JTC Shed Before Work!

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