Andy James: I am now officially endorsed by DV Mark!

Andy James
I am now officially endorsed by DV Mark!. It's been no secret I've been using the Multiamp for a short while and I love it! 2014 is going to see a very special collaboration between myself and the guys at DV Mark. Laney and I have parted ways on good terms, but it was time to move on. I'm really excited to be working with such a pro-active company in DV moving forward, creating with an all round nice bunch of dudes \m/
We are proud to officially welcome Andy to the DV Mark family!
"The DV Mark MULTIAMP is a one stop tone machine library", says Andy, "It produces every tone I could ever dream of using, and with the ease of use combined with its portability, I can turn up anywhere in the world and have my tone!"

Check out and sign up for free lessons at Andy James Guitar Academy:

Sam Bell approves Andy James guitar Academy
Sam Bell "Andy James is one of the most musical and technically proficient metal guitarists in the world today. Whilst being a virtuosic musician, Andy can also teach exceptionally well. He is able to break down and explain complex, technical concepts, making them incredibly easy to grasp and apply in your playing right away (with a little practice!)
Its no wonder Andy James is one of the worlds most influential modern metal guitarists, I am excited to see the impact that the Andy James Guitar Academy will have on up and coming students of guitar."