James Norbert Ivanyi,Christian Muenzner,Francesco Artusato: Aphasia the new album from Aussie guitar maestro

'Proprium | Assent' from the instrumental album 'Aphasia' by James Norbert Ivanyi.
Released October 20th 2013. Feat: Guest solo by Christian Muenzner. Drums by David Horgan.
'Aphasia' is available now at: www.jamesnorbertivanyi.bandcamp.com

Aphasia - 'Proprium | Assent' - James Norbert Ivanyi feat: Christian Muenzner.

Aphasia is the debut solo instrumental record by James Norbert Ivanyi.
Featuring special guest performances by Roxana Mallous Neisseman, Beau Golden, David Horgan, Danny Tunker, Christian Muenzner and Francesco Artusato. It was recorded by James Norbert Ivanyi at his private studio in Sydney, Australia during 2013. All music written, arranged mixed and mastered by James Norbert Ivanyi w/ David Horgan. 

 James Norbert Ivanyi: Aphasia
Track Listing:
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1. Olivia (Feat: Roxana Mallous Neisemann) 07:20 
2. Reawakened 04:52
3. Apperception Prism 06:01
4. Proprium | Assent (Feat: Christian Muenzner) 04:51 
5. Ubuntu (Feat: Beau Golden & Danny Tunker) 08:05 
6. Resolute Enmity (Feat: Francesco Artusato) 06:14