News: Rock Licks For Absolute Beginners – New From LickLibrary

Rock Licks For Absolute Beginners – New From LickLibrary

Rock Licks For Absolute Beginners (RRP £19.99) is the latest DVD from LickLibrary featuring a selection of easy to understand and access guitar lessons. It does exactly what it says in the title with top guitar teacher Danny Gill showing how to play some of the essential basics of rock guitar playing. Included are professionally recorded backing tracks to play along to and full tablature.

A popular LickLibrary guitar teacher, Danny has a measured, methodical style well suited to breaking down the essentials of rock guitar playing into small manageable ideas, making them easy to understand and follow. Danny looks at rudimentary techniques such as how to hold a pick, how to get pinched and natural harmonics and the best way to bend strings. Other essential lead guitar techniques such as hammer-ons and pull-offs, vibrato and the importance of phrasing are covered, plus he explores the pentatonic, blues and natural minor scales. The guitar lesson moves on to show beginners how to take three or four notes from a scale, repeat them at ever progressing speeds and make them sound like a lick.

In total there are fifteen short solos with almost forty licks, each of which can be played along to the backing track at slow, medium and up-tempo speeds so they can be heard in a musical context. One of the main emphases of the DVD guitar lesson is the development of a musical ‘ear’. Anyone can play a few licks, but a musician can hear. So to help the beginner rock guitarists learn and develop their ear there is a call and response section on the DVD. Danny plays a lick and the watcher copies by listening and watching what Danny does – a great way to develop playing and overall musicianship.

Rock Licks For Absolute Beginners has all the techniques needed for rock guitar novices to play rock licks successfully. Check it out at where lots of other Absolute Beginners DVDs can also be found.