Pedro Marques: Indie Anna Jones - complex performance video

I always thought that making music with loop pedals was a bit gimmicky. The adding of layers is usually too obvious and you end up with something that goes nowhere and becomes a little bit repetitive. Memória de Peixe (Fish Memory, for all non-portuguese people) was the band that proved me wrong. They consist of just a guitar player (Miguel Nicolau) and a drummer (Nuno Oliveira), and they do make real songs using short guitar loops and real time drums (hence the name). However, if nobody tells you beforehand that this is how they do it, you'd never be able to tell, probably.

They manage to sound like a full band and make all the layers evolve organically. This is one of my favorite tracks of their first album. Being that it seems so deceptively simple to reproduce, I thought I could do better; I still like the original more (please do a simple search on youtube, it's worth it). Although I recorded all the audio layers in full takes, the video is just a bunch of neverending looping bits that let you learn the song if you follow it closely. It's not always note for note, it's just my own interpretation of their own loops.

I hope you enjoy this new video, check me out AND check Memória de Peixe out as well! Like, subscribe, share, just go nuts ;)
Pedro Marques - Indie Anna Jones (Memória de Peixe)

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