Sam Bell: Exivious 'Entrust' Guitar Solo Contest Entry

Here is my entry for the Exivious Entrust Guitar Solo contest. I really enjoyed improvising some ideas around on this track. I had done several takes early this morning, however this one felt the most natural and musical of the takes.

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Sam Bell - Exivious 'Entrust' Guitar Solo Contest Entry

Nevada Music asked me to demo these two very affordable 7 and 8 string Ibanez guitars. Straight out the box, facotry set up. I was blown away by the quality, playability, and sound that is possible with these instruments. (Info and specs in links below)

In this video I play over a modified version of one of my own songs. I change guitar between sections to show the kind of sounds available on these amazing instruments. I start of with a straight ahead bridge pickup rhythm tone, then I move to a split bridge tone, something most Ibanez guitars can do and is a signature sound of the Ibanez RG and S series guitars. Then I demo some clean sounds using some chords and some clean lead playing to show how open the guitars sound. Finally, it wouldn't be a Sam Bell or Ibanez demo without some overdriven lead playing to demo the playabilty of the instruments.

Be sure to head to and check them out!

Ibanez RG7421 (7 string)

Ibanez S8 (8 string)
Ibanez RG7421 & S8 Demo - Sam Bell @ Nevada Music UK