Tom Quayle: Mark Thompson - 10/10 for the Modern Legato 3 Constructing lines package!

Mark Thompson - Tom Quayle Modern Legato 3 Constructing lines review by Mark Thompson

Fusion masterclass tutor Tom Quayle has this new instalment in the now trilogy of legato lessons available by download from his website .

Before I launch into it, this tutorial is by far the most useful legato playing lesson I've ever come across and I've got all of them. Tom has a fantastic way of breaking the lesson up into progressive chunks that are very bite sized and friendly. This micro look into the whole mechanics and building blocks of line construction is just fantastic and the first time I've ever seen it all put together in such an easy to understand way.

Part 1 Fragments and transitions Tom teaches us 10 fragments per set and there are 4 sets in this section. The 4 sets are broken down into Scale , arpeggio , chromatic and transition fragments. These are all talked about in detail, describing line construction within each set before moving on.

Part 2 Line construction - Once all 4 sets are learnt, as tools, for building lines, Tom then teaches how to construct lines using these 4 sets of fragment tools we have already learnt. Tom teaches the concepts to use while both building and practising, plus he shows how to use all the fragments all over the guitar neck. After the fragments, Tom then shows how to construct lines, some lines are then taught and played for us to learn. The good thing here is all lines are tabbed .

Part 3 Rhythmic mechanics - Rhythmic mechanics and resolution are covered in the next great section and are described as the building blocks of control. Tom shares a bunch lines for the subdivisions and these lines are packed full of wealth of ideas. Tom also shares a part on using a midi DAW sequencer to help create this subdivided rhythm feel and to help place the phrases in other places within the bar other than on the beat of one.

Part 4 Other scales - yes, you guessed it, Tom talks about using the tools he has taught for other scales and breaks them down into their easy to learn fingering components.

Part 5 Continuous lines over chord changes -Tom gives a masterclass tip session into playing this key change type line, the construction of fluidly, with lots of practise tips for learning his visualisation technique.

Part 6 Toms improvised parts - The final session in this lesson sees Tom showing you how he plays a continuous stream of lines over 3 backing tracks. The tracks are So What, Sunny and Giant Steps, all of which are tabbed ( the backings tracks and tab are included in the download lesson zip). Tom's performance gives us a terrifying insight into the frightening level that Tom has achieved, a level that many of us can only dream of.  Tom covering all the practising concepts that Tom has covered in the lessons .

This package can be considered as a stand alone legato pack that doesn't actually need the previous 2 lesson packs to be of benefit and I personally think it is best suited to me, as a novice in legato playing, than the other lesson packages in the series. This is the legato lesson that I always wanted, but could never find.

The package is by no means an amateur level lesson pack but a masterclass with Tom in the construction of modern legato lines and how to practise them and get good at playing through changes. There is just so much in the way of lines and tools it's incredible. I have never seen a lesson that breaks down the fundamentals in line construction down in such easy to understand parts. This methodology is perfect for those who can’t quite get a mental picture of how Tom fits all his licks together. After learning this material you will not only know how Tom does this, but also be able to do it yourself. You can take this material and then apply the ideas to more complex scales and arpeggios. The constructive tips that Tom provides are designed to enable you to be inventing your very own fragments.

In the download 
2hr AVI - 
3 backings -
4 drum tracks- 
PDF Introduction page –
PDF Tab for standard tuning and tab for 4ths. 

My Score 10/10

Mark Thompson

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