David T Chastain, Leather Leone: Leather talks about the new Chastain album

Leather Leone: As I listen to it, it seems like natural progression for us. Chastain and I absolutely have our sound! It's hard for me to answer that honestly. It's difficult for to me listen objectively when the CD is finished. From your feedback, it seems we have stayed classical while stepping forward. I intentionally did the vocals a bit dirtier than before. I wasn't crazy about the vocal tone on "For Those Who Dare" and "Voice Of The Cult". I wanted a much more basic, primal, sound. No layering, no doubling, no harmonies — just me and how well I was breathing that day. http://cryptmagazine.com/28101/377864.html

Chastain - Rise Up (Official Lyric Video)


Interview with Leather Leone, January 12, 2014