Fernando Miyata: Insanely Amazing Guitar Solo 2014



This video is of one of my songs that resonated the world. And I just have to thank everyone who complimented me. I know that this sound with much love and am willing to teach all the techniques that I used it. So if you're in the mood, get ready.Coming soon on my new website and this youtube channel will have lots of tips on my best technique. Remain informed on my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fernandomiyat ... or visit my website: http:// www.fernandomiyata.com.br

Fernando Miyata solo de Guitarra - Insanely Amazing Guitar

And Through the ages! First up 14 million+ views!

Insanely Amazing Guitar Solo

Fernando Miyata: guitar idol 2008 Insanely Amazing Guitar Solo live

Insanely Amazing Guitar Solo - Live