Nick Andrew: Zipper Tongue - Above All Noise the new album

Nick Andrew
Only a couple of days away from musical history.
This is the first album to be released in 2014 featuring a Scottish Midi guitarist playing a French made blue guitar, with blue lights on it!
Be part of Rock n' Roll history by buying the album on New Years day, so you can say, "I was there!"
Available on CD Baby, Amazon, Itunes and from the mad Scotsman in a bar near you!
Above All Noise" is the much anticipated first album from Zipper Tongue, a melting pot of Rock, Jazz and Classical ideas served on a little silver disc!The music has been described by the music press as Muse meets Return to Forever, but you can't really put your finger on their style or sound. It's Black Sabbath meets Beethoven, Dream Theater meets Daft punk, Foo Fighters meets Fusion.
There is only one description of their sound, Zipper Tongue!

'Above All Noise' also features a cover of the Simply Red song, 'Something Got Me Started', which has been given a brand new compositional twist.

As three busy session musicians, Stephen Roper (vocals/guitar), Lee Aaron (drums) and Nick Andrew (guitar/midi guitar/bass) have crafted an inspired opus of memorable songs with the added twists and virtuosic improvisations that you would expect from three masters of their craft.

Nick Andrew: Zipper Tongue - Above All Noise

1. Self Destruction 7:31
2. Intangible Love 6:08
3. Imposcar 6:37
4. Something Got Me Started 4:27
5. That's All 6:14
6. Loki 8:53
7. Pirates of the Soundwaves 6:18
8. Not Today 6:36
9. Push Pull 8:12
10. Wrong 4:43

Zipper Tongue - Above All Noise

Self Destruction solo

Check out this classic cover
Over the Rainbow solo

Lee Aaron (Drummer)