Rune Berre: Winner of the Entrust Solo Contest!

I loved this solo competition a lot, great backing track from a great band and some great solo's. I'm so happy for Rune whose original playing style was recognised by the band in their review of his solo.

Entrust Solo Contest Winner

Rune Berre

Tymon KruidenierRune blew us away with his completely original and fresh solo style. It's unlike anything we heard before and it fits the solo section of this song so well!

The moment at 0.29 until 0.34 deserves some extra credit. It's so lovely and elegant how his melody floats over the chord changes there. Instant goosebumps! Rune's note choice is evocative and uplifting, his technique and performance are chaotic yet ethereal. As a band who values originality and character above anything else, we think Rune is the true winner of this contest.

Congratulations, Rune!
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