Andy James: We are announcing the winners (plus some surprises) on Monday!

Thanks so much for your patience, I've been SO busy with NAMM and a few gigs this past few weeks! Plus I'm just recovering the the dreaded man flu!! 

The competition deadline is today so make sure you email your entry to:

We are announcing the winners (plus some surprises) on Monday! 

Now I'm back in the UK and my partner in the Academy has recovered from his surgery we are knuckling down this weekend to get the Members Area ready to go live! I seriously can't wait to unleash this to you all! Its been a monumental amount of work, but nothing thats good ever comes easy, right? ;)

This really is the best product I've done to date! Plus its YOUR product too as one of the UNIQUE features of the Academy and what you get as part of your membership is the 'request a lesson' feature where we take each months requests, and pick the best/most popular and film them for the following month! I can't wait to tell you all of the benefits and how much this is going to help you in your playing and practice! :)

So, remember to get your submissions in before today is out! The final couple of FREE lessons will be coming to you over the next few days and then, you will be notified of the EARLY BIRD access to the Academy where you can choose your membership level and join! We will have one very special offer for you also which is going to be available for just 5 days, its such an amazing offer we can't keep it up for long! So stay tuned and make sure you check your email!

Lots of amazing surprises and all that good stuff to come!