Prashant Aswani: Communication Breakdown and Bognor Atma amp demo

"Communication Breakdown" New hard rock Instrumental Guitar single featuring Prashant Aswani on Guitar, Rhonda Smith (Jeff Beck, Prince) on bass and Incubus drummer Jose Pasillas ll.

Prashant Aswani: Communication Breakdown

Check out killer guitarist Prashant Aswani as he demos the new ATMA amp. Every guitar tone you hear for his original instrumental song "Communication Breakdown" was recorded with the ATMA. Effects used were a Vertex volume pedal and Axis wah plus a Fulltone Octafuzz for octave melody.

Prashant's original song "Communication Breakdown" is available on iTunes soon:

Guitars, Written, Arranged, Produced, Engineered - Prashant Aswani
Mixed - Prashant Aswani and John Cranfield
Bass - Rhonda Smith
Drums - Jose Pasillas

Bogner Atma amp demo with Prashant Aswani