Samuel George: Ruud Panda - extract from original composition

" RUUD PANDA " , here is an extract of my original composition .
You can find the making of on subscribe my Youtube Channel
Read please :

Guitars : Samuel George
Drum : Benjamin L'Hotellier
Bass : Damien Danzigou
thanks to Damien Tuffal for his contribution

Big up to those who support me: NJP, Greg, Benj, Benji, Morgane, Tanou, Patrick and all my friends & students ! I hope you'll like it .


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Ibanez - RG3120
Bogner - Brixton head
Two Notes - Torpédo Live
picks - Jazz III maxi grip ;)

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Samuel GEORGE - "Ruud Panda" extract solo guitar"- HD

making of " Ruud Panda " by Samuel George