Allan Marcus,Mark Witherspoon,Paul De Maio: Arecibo - Lost in Consciousness the new EP available

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Allan Marcus and his band Arecibo have just released their debut 'Lost in Consciousness' EP...and you can listen to it for FREE!

(*All leads are the 57-8/66-8 as well as the rhythms for Exogenesis and Lost in Consciousness. All other rhythms are a 60-8H in the bridge.)

Allan Marcus: Arecibo - Lost in Consciousness

1. Lost in Consciousness 04:15
2. EX_413 04:05
3. Exogenesis 04:31
4. Pulsar 04:43
5. Cupio Dissolvi 05:43


Noah Buchanan - Vocals,
Allan Marcus - Guitars,
Mark Witherspoon - Guitars,
Paul De Maio - Guitars,
Nick Cetrone - Drums,
Ryan Tyndall - Bass

released 01 March 2014
Arecibo - Lost in Consciousness - Full EP (corrected volume)