Chuck Thompson,Jack Jenkins: Worlds first Solid Body Bamboo Electric Harp Guitars

The "Worlds first Solid Body Bamboo Electric Harp Guitars". Bringing an affordable Harp Guitar to the world.

Hi, I am Chuck Thompson former Naval Officer, Nashville based Music Photographer, Trusted Google Business Panorama Photographer, Worlds first and only Certified Harp Guitar Photographer, Project Manager for Xerox and a fledgling but hopeful Harp Guitarist.

So now in my spare time I am building Electric Harp Guitars. Now you tell me who is crazy.

My partner in crime is Jack Jenkins, a Mechnical and Electrical Engineer as well as a Mechnical Designer, Jazz guitar player and owner of Jack and I also worked together at Griffin Technology where we helped produce some of the most amazing Apple Accessories on the planet. Prior to that Jack was senior design engineer for Otari and Harrison Audio.