Marcel Coenen: A Live Time Journey

Clip taken from the live DVD "Marcel Coenen & Friends - A Live Time Journey" released in 2006 by Lion Music.

Marcel Coenen is a Dutch guitarist, well known from his bands Sun Caged and Godscum and his coverbands, but also from projects and guest appearances in bands like Carthagods, Channel Zero, Christmas Metal Symphony and The Phoenix Project.

Marcel Coenen & Friends is a band around the Dutch guitarist, playing mainly songs from his solo releases and some other cover songs and special surprises.

A live DVD of Marcel Coenen & Friends has been released in 2006 when Marcel released his second solo album "Colour Journey". This album contained instrumental songs but also vocal songs.

The live band contains some of the musicians that worked with Marcel on this DVD and album and also some new faces.

The band members are:

Marcel Coenen - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
Hans In 't Zandt - Drums, Vocals
Richard Ritterbeeks - Bass Guitars
Freek Gielen - Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Rene Kroon - Keyboards

The band can play with several vocalists, depending on who is available.
The vocalists that can play with the band are:

Paul Adrian Villarreal (Sun Caged)
Hans Reinders (U2NL)
Joyce Dijkgraaf (Sarah's Blue Dress)
Menno Corbeek (Assault)

Sometimes also special guests are added to the project, the band has already played with guest like Frank Schiphorst (Mayan), Rene Ubachs (Arabesque), Micael Andersson (Cloudscape), Colleen Gray (Solo Artist), Roel Van Helden (Powerwolf, My Favorite Scar), Spike Meulders (Stormrider), Maurice Brouwers (Engine Of Pain), Joop Wolters (Lalu) and Dennis Schreurs (Severe Torture).

Marcel Coenen: A Live Time Journey