Mark Holcomb: Periphery on JamUp and BIAS by Positive Grid

Here's a short clip of me jamming through a couple riffs using a custom amp in BIAS, and running through several features in JamUp. The song list is:
1. Pale Aura
2. an untitled demo (which may or may not be used for Periphery)
3. Immaterial

Since I keep my Fractal AxeFx-II racked up in our touring rig when we're at home, my home jamming rig has been condensed to just an iPad and a powered cab. Not only are the tones as good as any other piece of gear I own but the portability of having both Positive Grid apps on iOS makes it ideal for travel.  Video by Jeff Holcomb -

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Mark Holcomb of Periphery on JamUp and BIAS by Positive Grid