Bernhard Beibl, Marko Zirkovich: Guitar Yoga - Develop Your Guitar Technique with new lesson web site

Guitar Yoga - Develop Your Guitar Technique with this Highly Effective Warm-up Routine guitar technique

Guitar Yoga Level 1 is a highly effective warm-up routine for guitarists. No-fluff explanations, lots of practice videos at multiple speeds and a challenging final work-out will develop your guitar technique. Get your fingers in shape.

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Bernhard Beibl

Puberty – the time when you start doing crazy things. No more practicing the violin… now it has to be such foolishness like playing electric guitar. That’s what happened to Bernhard.

Marko Zirkovich

Marko’s earliest musical memories involve “composing” music on a toy trumpet as a 4 year-old child prodigy. Malicious people might call it making noise and disturbing the neighbors instead. But that’s just a matter of perspective

Bernhard Beibl,Martin Weninger: 2012

1. solar storm 03:43
2. civil disorder 03:16
3. war 04:14
4. the escape 05:34
5. a new planet 06:57

all songs composed, recorded and mixed by Bernhard Beibl
Martin Weninger on Drums
Mastering by Harald Pairits
released 07 March 2013