Eyal Freeman: Lonelia - Heineken Jazz Festival - brilliant live fusion

Eyal Freeman's tune "Lonelia", performed live at Heineken Jazz Festival, with his group SHAZAM, headliners alongside the Mike Stern group.

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"Writing is the oddest thing for me, I never know what will trigger it.
Sitting one day in a hotel by the pool, I lifted my head,
& out of nowhere, there she was...
Venus rising from the water... she was gorgeous...

but... the thing that struck me was,
she had these big sad eyes, that you feel you can get completely lost in...
contrasting her beauty...
having that image in my mind for days, It somehow evolved into this tune.

Bringing this tune to the band, the tune's eery ballad nature,
proved to be a unique challenge for me to improvise on,
It was either you feel it, or forget about it, nowhere to hide."

Eyal Freeman - Guitar
Yuval Carmi - Keyboards
Edmond Gilmore - Bass
Amir David - Drums
Nir Benjaminy - FOH Engineer

Dedicated to Tara.

Jazz Fusion Guitar - Eyal Freeman - Lonelia - SHAZAM Live - Heineken Jazz Festival