João Luzio, Gonçalo Pereira, Seth Govan: Genuine & Odd Distractions - new album previews

HI Everyone,I'd like to share with you a preview of my upcoming album "GENUINE & ODD DISTRACTIONS". I hope you'll like it and have a chance to listen to it. For those who will share some interest, the all concept of the album and tracks will be featured in the booklet of the album, because in fact, most of those tracks are the reflection of expriences and thoughts I'd like to share with you all. I hope you'll enjoy and that I'll be able to learn something with it. I'd sincerely like to thanks all the guest Musicians involved in this album. I feel Grateful for all this experience. Thank you Gonçalo Pereira, Seth Govan, Massimo Cavalli and João Colaço.We are almost there dear Friends. There will be more news soon about it. Meanwhile, enjoy this preview!I wish you the best for Life.

João Luzio - "Genuine & Odd Distractions" Album Previews

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