Mika Tyyskä: 20 Mixolydian licks

Could the Mixolydian be the best scale ever? It can do cool blues, sophisticated jazz, brutal metal... and it has that exotic, bittersweet kind of sound. You owe it to yourself to master it NOW, and we have just the thing you need!

Our package features 20 killer licks by the amazing Mika Tyyska, with audio, video and Tab. You'll learn some great fretboard shapes and a wide range of scary techniques too. There's quite an emphasise on slide, hybrid picking and economy picking techniques, plus plenty of string skipping, double stops and arpeggios ideas. Overall it's a great workshop for anybody to get deep with the swinging shuffle playing alongside nailing the Mixolydian.

All the licks have easy and difficult parts, so there's something here for everyone. There are also slowed-down versions, so you can pick out every note!

As ever, complete TAB/Notation, comprehensive track notes by Mika, videos in full speed and a slow play through, audio and backing tracks are included.