Paul Gilbert: Rock Guitar Forum Jam: Paul Gilbert & Students

Paul Gilbert jams with students of The Online Rock Guitar School ( in this, our first ever ArtistWorks Forum Jam®.

It all started with a backing track that Paul specially recorded for this, which then got passed around to members of his online guitar school. Students had a chance to record their best solo over the chord progression and then submitted it to Paul for his review.

The student solos were synced with the backing track and Paul recorded each of his parts as a response to their playing - simulating a real time jam. Paul received so many entries that we couldn't use them all, so these are only a few of the many great submissions uploaded. Fifteen excited students representing 8 different countries of the world were selected and are now part of the first ever PGSG Forum Jam®. They can now say they've jammed on a track with Paul Gilbert, plus they also got a cool badge on their student pages too.

This is the first time Paul's done something like with his online students but it certainly won't be the last! We had a blast putting this together and hope you enjoy the final result.

Find out more about Paul's online guitar school at the link and be sure to check out the free sample lessons!

Rock Guitar Forum Jam: Paul Gilbert & Students