Akihiko Onji,TJ Helmerich,Ola Strandberg: Ola delivers a .strandberg* and TJ sings the praises.

Akihiko Onji,Ola Strandberg
Akihiko Onji Ola Strandberg said had promised some time ago and we met today. Strandberg guitar played seven-string guitar is very good.
Tj Helmerich Awesome guitar... awesome player.
Akihiko Onji Tj Helmerich Ola Strandberg Mr. Helmerich I'm honored that I could get your comment!! It means a lot to me to get a comment from you whom I admire deeply. Yes, I was astonished by marvelous Strandberg guitars, and Mr. Ola Strandberg is so nice man. I was glad to meet him. I would love to go to US taking Strandberg guitar along and play with you! I will try my best to realize that. Thank you for your kindness
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